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SEF Karate is a non profitable club that teaches a self defence based martial art located in Orpington, Kent. For ages 5 years and upwards. 


The concept of the club is to make sure members have sufficient practical knowledge, skill and awareness to effectively protect themselves or others should a REAL need arise.

The club and instructors are fully insured, DBS checked and first aid trained. Training is offered with full regard to health and safety for Instructors and students alike.

The South East Freestyle Karate club has been running for over 12 successful years and enjoys a friendly but disciplined atmosphere, focusing on effort with consistent quality training, pushing each student’s individual limits.


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The style taught is Jiyu Ryu.

A martial art with self defence the focus of training. The style has evolved over the past 30 years and has incorporated different martial arts techniques to become an effective style with Karate at its core.

Using basics and discipline to build a strong foundation which improves advance training.

We emphasise on situation awareness and avoiding confrontation to ensure physical force is a final resort.

If you have martial arts experience and have trained at another club we can assess you and give you a grade within our syllabus then you'll have to learn what's on the grading list up to that level before moving up to the next belt.



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