Blizzard is the smallest of the three defenders. She is very good at kicking and blocking. Blizzard enjoys practicing the drill, forms and all techniques.

Favourite form:
Form 1


Sensei is extremely strong. He appears and disappears very quickly and quietly. Sensei is excellent at strikes and blocks.

Favourite form:
Form 4 & 5.


Everybody likes training with Leo. He is a very disciplined defender who enjoys team work. Leo is excellent at leg sweeps and takedowns.

Favourite form:
Form 3.


 About SEF Defenders

This class is designed to help younger students aged from 5 up to 9  gain confidence, balance, co-ordination and encourages self-discipline using JIYU RYU Karate. Parents need to play apart in this as well.

First lesson is Free.

Lessons will be planned with exercise and fun ways of learning Jiyu Ryu Karate, so when the Defenders reach the age they can move on to the Juniors Class with the knowledge and experience to advance their training. 

Over the years of training there are 5 belts to earn: Yellow Stripe, Orange Stripe, Green Stripe, Yellow and Orange. Once the Defender reaches the age of 10 they will then be moved into the Juniors.
Please be aware with training at some point there with be contact i.e. punched, kicked, elbowed, kneed or with the floor doing throws, leg sweeps and take downs.



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