I joined the South London Karate Club at the age of 12 in 1985. Under the supervision of John Fewin's, I soon progressed through the belts, finding each grading an exciting challenge and at some point the name of the Club was changed to JIYU RYU FREESTYLE CLUB.

I gained my Black Belt aged 16 in 1989. This gave me a huge incentive to teach other people the discipline of JIYU RYU. After trying several other styles I started my own club 'Chislehurst Freestyle Karate' at the age of 31 in 2004. This proved to be a huge success and I opened another club 4 years later, changing the name to 'South East Freestyle Karate'. We then moved to Elite Gym in Orpington, Kent becoming the Official Karate Club there. We now train at Orpington Rugby Football Club, Leesons Way, BR5 2QB.

I currently hold a 5th DAN Black Belt which I recieved in 2012, making me SHIHAN Fewins highest Graded student. I have been teaching students of all ages for 26+ years and continue to work closely with my original instructors and new DAN grades within the club.

 I have arranged numerous events for the club, which students have been keen to participate in. These include several demonstrations one with Cobra Martial Arts Association on their Summer Course, displays, community workshops, photo shoot's and articles for magazines so that the club and style have a healthy future. I've also organized trips for the students to Martial Arts event, show and competition.

I take pride in teaching the students at the 'South East Freestyle Karate'. Seeing the students progress through the gradings, grow in confidence and ability, gives me a huge sense of achievement and have had several Student's go from White belt to Dan graded Black Belts.



One of my earliest memories of a Karate class was listening to my father, Jim Fewins,lecturing on the importance of speed and reactions.At that moment a sparrow found it’s way into the Dojo and dared to fly past him. Without missing a beat, he shot one arm  out and plucked the tiny bird from the air. He continued his speech as he walked over to the exit and released the hapless bird. He could never have guessed that this impromptu Demonstration would inspire over 40 years of training.

I started Karate in 1970 at my fathers club in Greenwich (London). My father trained under SHIHAN Jon Alexander but opened his own Karate clubs in the late 60’s to break away from traditional karate styles and training methods. He wanted to develop his own style which included boxing and self defence training. He wanted to incorporate this  alongside his Karate to become a more complete Martial artist.

This is of course common place for the martial artist of today.

 I received my 1st DAN Black Belt at the age of 12 in 1975 at the Greenwich Karate Kai. I opened my first JIYU RYU (Freestyle school) Karate club aged 18 in 1981 in Eltham (London). . .. On the 14th December 2011  I was awarded my 6th DAN and given the title of SHIHAN (meaning teachers teacher).

Nidan 2nd DAN


At the age of 7, I joined the JIYU RYU Karate Club in New Eltham, under the tuition of Sensei John Fewin's. The experience was daunting at first (being surrounded by frankly rather highly skilled individuals!), but with the excellent teaching and the friendly atmosphere, my confidence and skill quickly improved up to this day. In 2005 due to the closure of Sensei John Fewin's Club, I started training with Sensei Mike Harwood where I earned my 2nd DAN Black Belt in 2010 at the age of 18 and continue to take an active role in the club as one of the younger instructors, getting involved in teaching and growth of the club.

Karate has been an integral part of my personal development, both physically and mentally; without it, I would be a very different person.

Nidan 2nd DAN


I joined SEF in 2008 at the age of 10, I quickly found my confidence and discipline improving. The outstanding levels of teaching has helped me to work my way up to a 1st dan black belt which I achieved in November 2013. The good and welcoming atmosphere of the club has helped me to meet new people and make life long friends. I now teach karate to other students which I love doing. When I teach karate it makes me feel good knowing that I am helping others to work towards something that is important to them. I enjoy teaching as it also widens my knowledge and confidence. The club is huge part of my life and has defiantly helped to shape the person I am today.

Shodan 1st DAN


I joined SEF Karate Club in 2012 at the ripe old age of 34, my son had been a student at the club from the age of 7 and I had been promising to join him with training for a few years. Eventually I gave into his persistence and I can truly say after one lesson I was hooked. I quickly moved through the lower grades and was proud to gain my 1st Dan black belt in May 2016 after only 4 years. All the instructors I have worked with share a similar ethos of both excellent encouragement and the correct amount of discipline to help develop its students into the best that they can be. I really enjoy training and now teaching at the club, it is a big part of my families life with both my 15 year old son and now my 9 year old daughter being students at the club and their 3 year old brother will soon be another addition to SEF Karate. Karate is an excellent sport for personal development, speaking as a student, instructor and a parent I would highly recommend it for both adults and children alike.

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