One of my earliest memories of a Karate class was listening to my father, Jim Fewins,lecturing on the importance of speed and reactions.At that moment a sparrow found it’s way into the Dojo and dared to fly past him. Without missing a beat, he shot one arm  out and plucked the tiny bird from the air. He continued his speech as he walked over to the exit and released the hapless bird. He could never have guessed that this impromptu Demonstration would inspire over 40 years of training.

I started Karate in 1970 at my fathers club in Greenwich (London). My father trained under SHIHAN Jon Alexander but opened his own Karate clubs in the late 60’s to break away from traditional karate styles and training methods. He wanted to develop his own style which included boxing and self defence training. He wanted to incorporate this  alongside his Karate to become a more complete Martial artist.

This is of course common place for the martial artist of today.

 I received my 1st DAN Black Belt at the age of 12 in 1975 at the Greenwich Karate Kai. I opened my first JIYU RYU (Freestyle school) Karate club aged 18 in 1981 in Eltham (London). . .. On the 14th December 2011  I was awarded my 6th DAN and given the title of SHIHAN (meaning teachers teacher).

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