Shodan 1st DAN


I joined SEF Karate Club in 2012 at the ripe old age of 34, my son had been a student at the club from the age of 7 and I had been promising to join him with training for a few years. Eventually I gave into his persistence and I can truly say after one lesson I was hooked. I quickly moved through the lower grades and was proud to gain my 1st Dan black belt in May 2016 after only 4 years. All the instructors I have worked with share a similar ethos of both excellent encouragement and the correct amount of discipline to help develop its students into the best that they can be. I really enjoy training and now teaching at the club, it is a big part of my families life with both my 15 year old son and now my 9 year old daughter being students at the club and their 3 year old brother will soon be another addition to SEF Karate. Karate is an excellent sport for personal development, speaking as a student, instructor and a parent I would highly recommend it for both adults and children alike.

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